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Vikas Sharma

Success! I doubt you will be able to finish your studies' - Sarcasm flung at Vikas when he was 15. This was the movement when Vikas decided to make it big. Hailing from a middle-class family, Vikas Sharma started his entrepreneurial journey quite early in his life. At the age of 23 he bootstrapped his first start-up, and two years later he sold it for a whopping amount. Then he launched multiple successful profits and non-profit startups in diverse industries ranging from Organic Food, E-commerce to Management Consulting. His constant hunger of working on new business ideas also got him the unique opportunity to work as a mentor with start-up accelerators across the globe be it the US, UK or UAE. Currently studying business and technology in one of the world’s best university in the USA, Vikas has worked extensively in the startup ecosystem in India and is a firm believer in the free and open sharing of knowledge.

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1. Before You Startup (Non-Fiction) View Store

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