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Vishal is 20 years Old Young boy. He Was born in Delhi in 1996. Last Year He completed his Graduation Degree in B.A Hindi (Hons) From Delhi University. Now He’s doing Master degree in Sociology. He lives In Delhi. Vishal Say’s there were always many questions in my mind, some stories were going on! This is probably the first book of my life, which is now ready to reach you From My pen, heart, things etc. About the direction of the modern woman and her changing conditions. Well, there are many issues in my Mind such as caste, women, poverty, social discrimination etc. which create very deep thoughts in my Mind. Just need your love and affection to hope that you will like this book.

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1. Mystry of mekini - Ak Rahasy, Ak Aadhunik Nari Jeevan Sangarsh… (Fiction) View Store

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