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Alcohol - Journey Toward the Truth

by Vijay Prajapati

ISBN: 9781545708965

Pages: 153, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Myself Vijay Prajapati, I love to do travelling to unknown places without any planning and without any destination. This is about my one the most meaningful journey. During this journey accidently I meet one unknown old man and he show me the destination of my journey. He give me information about one bus accident and than I start my journey towards the truth. During journey I found myself who I am and also come to know the reality of life and what one peg of ALCOHOL can do. This is story about one young boy who had different attitude towards the life and ALCOHOL because he belong to the RAJSTHANI CULTURE that's why ALCOHOL was in his blood and he spend childhood in such an atmosphere where people drink alcohol like a water, But one journey change his thinking about the life and about the ALCOHOL. Right now young generation have different thinking about ALCOHOL and I just want to make them realize about the reality of ALCOHOL, how 1 peg of ALCOHOL change the thousand's people life. We can't imagine what one peg of ALCOHOL can do.