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Andhakar An authorbiography

by Ankur Tiwari

ISBN: 9788192373515

Pages: 153, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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'Andhakar' is an autobiography of Ankur Tiwari, a young student innovator and researcher who in class X of CBSE Board school (2011) has discovered a fact that the sayings of our two ancient Indian Mathematicians Brahamagupta and Bhaskar II on the aspect of 'Division by Zero' are correct, he struggled for four years from institution to institutions, organizations to organizations and doors to doors to know the way, how the sayings of these mathematicians can be incorporated with the present definition of modern mathematics in books. But none of the authority or individual in India helped him. Finally, in 2013 he came to know about Indian Science Congress, this is the highest and top rank government authority for researches and innovations, he presented his discoveries there too, but nothing happened there also. Meanwhile he was trapped in the conspiracy of Students' Council office bearers of his Central University, when he stood up for the rights of common students, security of girls and other issues. The University's Mathematics Department faculties, who were already unhappy with Ankur's work, now they also got a chance to take action against him. These all has made Ankur to take a step, now which cannot be taken back.. Read this autobiography to know the truth behind and the struggles of a young innovator and researcher."