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Bhagavadgita - Prose

by Malladi Venkata Krishnarao

ISBN: 9781545718131

Pages: 135, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Words spoken by Lord Krishna: There are only two paths for a man to lead his life. One path is the materialistic one which we all are now leading. A path which gives priority to ‘I and mine’. Our education and occupation are based on these tenets. Since it is not possible in Kaliyuga to set aside this materialistic life, we will go forward by being in the same path. The second path is the path of Self-Enlightenment. The path to realize ‘Self’ (Atma). It is the same path which has been preached to Vinaswantha in the past which has again been shown to Arjuna. Once we strive to realize the Self and seek to attain this path, the study of Bhagavatgita becomes essential. Modern Education does not allow the study of Sanskrit and Telugu. Hence many of us are only aware of the Bhagavatgita, but are not able to read the sacred text. This book is an endeavor to cater to those who are at least literate in the Telugu language. My vision to familiarize this text to this segment has led to the prose translation of the Bhagavatgita. I hope you will read this book and will inspire others to read it as well.