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by Srikanth Polisetti

ISBN: 9781618133755

Pages: 261, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Kamat Raje without an exception was born to be an engineer and figure life later on, just like every middle class parents expect from their offspring However, Kamat, the black sheep, branded a mediocre by family, inept by relatives and laughable by friends wakes up one fine day, startled, only to realize that he has been accepted in IIT Kharagpur for MBA program. While his father is still recovering from the shocking epiphany, Kamat wonders how on earth he managed to get into IIT all the while enjoying the adulation and praises from the suck up relatives and friends. He is left with no choice but to act the part as he is a now an IITian. Determined to work hard and do better, he is oblivious to a life time of adventure, an unstoppable merry-go-round he is about to enter. Accompanied by his equally insane friends Dhruv, Harish and Anubhav. Sutta, Daaru, and Gaali become his mantra now. A popular sought after friend for every girl and despised by every boy on the campus, it is not long before Kamat realises that their fun, frolic and misdeeds would soon get them in trouble. In a jiffy, they get the drift that they are at war against every tom, geek and fairy in the campus and when they finally meet their match, all they love is at stake; friendship, career, love, life and their reputations back home. Will the pressure of being an IITian on campus too great than the pleasure of being an IITian at home. What happens next? Do they survive? Do they adapt, lickety-split? Do they turn in on their best friends? Do they rise above the glorifying praises back at home to be a true IITians with gusto? Do they create their niche of devil-may-care, easy going, free bird approach or succumb to being slaves of toppers who slog it out in a rat race?