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Deepranika 1

by Deepti Priya

ISBN: 9781545718872

Pages: 146, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Literature and education plays very important role in empowering people, also helps in creating sensitive society where respect for self and others is imbibed in one consciousness. This book and all the upcoming books in this series named Deepranika is written with an intention to empower readers, this means reader of this book might relate to one more poems in the book with their own life challenges and with repeated reading provide a helping hand to be strong enough to face them. The idea of the book is to get healing through Reading. Conquer one’s own weaknesses, which had been stopping one to have a better life. It is an attempt to connect with one’s own self being able to hear their own inner voice, go beyond logic and information; creating a new improved self-erasing unwanted memories and rises to a level of being awake and manifests their own desires.