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Fun is The Future - A Collection of Compelling Gamification Success Stories

by Manu Melwin Joy, Merry Joe Chiramel

ISBN: 9781618138743

Pages: 136, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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There are certain catchwords that are more fascinating than the rest. Gamification is one such catchword. This is not shocking as the roots are traced back to the world of games. It is quite amusing that the term is vague for both beginners and intellects. While beginners misinterpret gamification as playing games, intellects brush it off as yet another deviation of a loyalty or rewards program. But what is it, actually? Those in the community of gaming theory and practice have categorized gamification as a term. It is usually considered that it means employing gaming principles to non-gaming situations. It is a design process that reframes goals to be more attractive and attainable using the principles of game design. The gamified solutions targets our usual instincts to seek competition and accomplishment using conventional gamification methods such as point gathering, virtual currencies, accomplishment budgets or levels with growing difficulty are used within game community. This book does not suggest recipes for gamification since the best practices are still evolving. Instead, it provides a list of compelling gamification success stories implemented in organizations from various industries. Enterprise gamification is still in its beginning stage. There is much more to pursue and learn. The overall objectives of this book are (1) to present the current state of games and use of gamification in various sectors and (2) to explore future opportunities and limitations of using gamification.