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I'm Not a Stupid - Living with Learning Disability

by Deepti Priya

ISBN: 9781618137104

Pages: 84, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Enable every child to realize their full potential. Our societies in India have developed in terms of technology and techniques, yet the awareness about learning disability has been a short in a mass. With this book, Author is trying to make an attempt in bringing awareness about the struggles of a child with learning disability, also covering aspects with which struggles can be minimized. Author tried to cover most of the aspects of the subject in the form of story, pictures and with minimal literature. In simple words and through charts, author has also touched upon procedure for assessment, diagnosis and intervention plans. When we recognize and accept the condition, we can also manage it much better and minimize associated struggles. The book covers a story of an imaginary child named “Vidyuman” who is Living with Learning Disability, his daily struggles, emotions, and when he got support - how easily he could manage his conditions and could perform well scholastically. With the story of Vidyuman author also tried to cover - what is learning disability, what are the symptoms, how we can understand, support children with learning disabilities. Readers of this book, (even with very small attention span) can get a good enough information on learning disability, what to do when they come across such a child. Our failure to understand different abilities and associated learning difficulties makes our child feel handicapped. Let’s create a beautiful world for our children and let them flourish to the fullest.