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India In 2107 A.D. - Notoriously Insane

by Surya

ISBN: 9781618133052

Pages: 370, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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The story of this novel revolves around the main protagonist named Jiang Rudd of Indian Citizenship. Although, Jiang's parentage is of American Chinese origin, but he is a contemporary Indian of the 22nd Century. Jiang is a man of extra-ordinary character and noticeable qualities and these noticeable qualities get him into very unusual situations, which he handles in his own unique styles. Story in the novel reveals life and activities of Jiang. Therefore, as we move on to read the novel, the story would uncover Jiang's adventure, mis-adventure, love, sex, faithfulness, betrayal, passion, skills, concocted ambition (yes it's concocted) and knowledge. The story is based on the future, where you can see future in bits and pieces. Jiang would be the cynosure of this novel, but this novel fleetingly deals with India's hypothetical future (obviously, it's the picture of writer's free floating thought process & hallucination). To tell things in brief, a future, which is prosperous for few and for the rest, it is still challenging, in-fact quite miserable. Though it is out of my wild imagination, but even in the wilderness, it is invoking us what we may do and what we may avoid to do in coming years to take India to the position where it actually deserves. Some of the developments may look unreal from today's perspective, but I am sure that by then India could be able to achieve technological marvels much more than what is mentioned in the novel, and I may / may not be there but would be happy to see India achieves much more in terms of technological breakthrough.Deep inside you would find struggle of superiority between ‘Mind’ and ‘Heart’. You need to read this novel till end to find out which ultimately wins in this part of the novel.