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Khushi - It's Complicated Without Conclusion

by Rajeev R Tiwary

ISBN: 9781545718162

Pages: 127, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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I started writing this book keeping in mind; it should be shared with everyone. This story has thrilled me in every aspect and I could not resist myself from writing the same. This can happen with anyone. you might find this story unacceptable but we have to understand the fact that life of any one can take wrong turn if it's not given proper guidance or care when needed. In family we need to understand each other's need basis time and requirement. Small things impact a lot in life and this is something we have to understand. We run behind future but what if you’re present is not good. You cannot make your future better indeed. Basis this story I have realized one thing that; you cannot force anyone (especially a girl) to either to get in to a relationship or come out of any relationship till the time you don't understand the pros/cons of that relationship. So first understand why it's important for that person and even if you don't like it (being a parent) try making them understand the reason behind you want your loved ones to be away from the person/place or things you don't like (politely with care and respect). I think, not completely but some aspects are somewhere related to everyone's life and we can correlate it easily without any hitch. "Understanding your loved ones is very important".