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Lessons for Plant Micropropagation

by Adheena Elza Johns

ISBN: 9781545729816

Pages: 85, 6x9, English
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Genre: Academic

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The observation that plant cells grown in a nutrient solution aseptically have an innate potential to give rise to whole plant led to the foundation for the technique known as tissue culture. The knowledge that thousands of plantlets would be obtained from a bit of plant tissue has paved way to the development of a industry for plant propagation. During the past 40 years enormous efforts and research for refining plant tissue culture techniques has led to the development of a technology. Since the application of micropropagation has multiplied so rapidly in recent years, a brief overview of the technology seems to be appropriate. This overview on micropropagation is concise since the topic has been covered in numerous other books and reviews. The book serves as a ready reckoner or as an instant note for both UG and PG students of various universities. The book starts with an introductory chapter followed by the description on the technique of tissue culture, various methods of micropropagation, and different phases of micropropagation. The book has been concluded by description on the bottleneck of micropropagation viz. soma clonal variations. Readers will find the book to be a comprehensive and valuable resource for studying micropropagation approaches.