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Miraculous You - Because You Are Special

by Saurav Vats

ISBN: 9781618136190

Pages: 257, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Have you lost all your hopes in life? Are you sick and tired of living with a devastating memories of your past which makes your each day a living hell!!!! Do you want an escape from all the thoughts that are spreading in your mind like a deadly virus? I want to tell you that, there is solution to every problem. What if god decides to fulfil your one wish that your heart truly pleads for? What if he sends one guardian to protect you from your biggest enemy- Yourself? One such wish was desired by Nikita. Her father left her few years ago, her boyfriend cheated on her, and she met an accident which left a persistent fear in her mind while miseries took an abiding shelter in her heart. Fed up of living with her past, lost all hope to live a happy life again, and wishing for a miracle that would end all her sufferings. And then she found Rudra in her life. Will she be able have a content life? Will she be able to defeat her own soul that is deteriorating her personality? Will Rudra succeed in helping her to find a way out? Will there be a happy ending? Join them on this little journey, where you will connect with your inner being. From Delhi to Switzerland to London experience the world as a very beautiful place, only if you see it with a clean and calmed heart erasing all the gloominess, hatred, sadness, and fear. Let’s travel together in a journey of self discovery. Welcome to Miraculous You. * This story is not about real miracles but the miracles that are within you.