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My Date with Editors

by Jyotindra Nath Prasad

ISBN: 9789388719322

Pages: 286, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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The book unfolds my professional performance. I have revealed my best and the worst both. It is a saga of a journalist though many would doubt whether work as proof -reader counts for journalism as it was not considered the mainstream of journalism, rather a stigma attached with the likes of me for 16 years in a row. Then there is reporting stint for 20 years which had its pitfalls and glory. Expressing views on contemporary issues has been changeable because I hold opinion and opinion does not hold me. Non-payment to my contribution to periodicals as free-lance journalist may sound grumbling, but it is pain of a pen- pusher who at last surmises that one cannot survive with free-lancing in Bihar. Readers may ask why I don’t write for the periodicals published outside Bihar. Frankly speaking I don’t consider myself as a journalist of calibre. I am still a student of journalism. Moreover, I have been interested in matters Bihar from very beginning and am still groping in darkness as far as knowledge about my native state is concerned. The book is a not a literary piece that would involve your attention. As journalism is a literature in hurry, my writing in English may not be considered upto the mark and for many literary geniuses and eminent journalists it may be a foolish exercise. But I am sure that whoever came into my journalistic sphere his resemblance ca n be found in me somewhat or more. Journalism is cynic business and one can find fault with himself also. It is a human nature and if I have complained or ridiculed anyone, I seek his pardon. I forgive and forget myself and others. The book may not be for the use of many but may hold interest of the journalists and if it is so, then I am a success. It is for you readers to decide.Book dedicationTo my mother who has always been an inspiring force to me.