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Organizational Behaviour

by M Beulah Viji Christiana

ISBN: 9781545712443

Pages: 387, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Organizational productivity largely depends upon the effective utilization of human resources Organizations are made up of people and without people there are no organizations. Therefore managers in the organization must have a proper understanding of human behavior in order to make the organization more productive. This book on "Organizational Behavior" is written in a lucid style which will be greatly beneficial to the students as well as for aspiring managers. It will serve as a fruitful platform for those who desire to have a challenging and rewarding career in organizations as well as for non-managers who may be interested in understanding what managing human behavior is all about. Moreover, the text has got a contemporary and comprehensive approach in dealing with the nuances of the various techniques that are widely used in organizations to tune human behavior in such a way that it leads to effective and efficient organizational functioning. Various theories concepts and principles pertaining to management of human behavior have been discussed effectively through appropriate usage of tables and pictorial representations. Important questions and answers at the end of each chapter from the academic perspective deserve special appreciation. The topics that were discussed in the book can be understood effectively by the readers through the case studies that were given in the book. Readers will really be enlightened in understanding about organizations and human beings in a better way as well as in predicting and controlling human behavior