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Pinks and Blues

by Gurkaran Singh

ISBN: 9781545724187

Pages: 130, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Kabir Khan is a very confident Muslim guy, while Geet Kaur is a shy Sardarni. Both of them are delhiites and study in the same college. Kabir performs for the crowd, while Geet is from the crowd. Both are opposite poles! Well they have one thing in common which is to follow their passion. Both of them dare to dream. Their relationship is not something we get to see often; life has many unexpected turns planned for them. There will be many obstacles for them to cross to pursue their dreams. Life is not easy but teaches us many lessons. Nobody gets everything in life, we always miss out something. Kabir falls several times. Geet never falls but her achievement stays incomplete. Life gives them many surprises, but they manage to move with it. Just when it's all pink for them suddenly their life starts turning blue. Will this blue ever turn to pink again? At least for either of them? Pinks and Blues is a life story very easy to connect with, which will leave you motivated in the end.