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Re-Start - The World

by Suresh G

ISBN: 9781545707807

Pages: 207, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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''The world was always a beautiful place to live in.'' This saying is speculated by the lives other than that of the humans. A thought about the world being turned into a materialistic one created solely for the benefit of humans alone, for them to love, live and perish in glory. Every country, city, culture, or kingdom, in their pinnacle of decadence, there emerges a factor that wipes out all that was affected, in due course, the factor in itself and paves way for the good, kind and the righteous to take over the future. Similarly, a situation arises when the other lives realize that the world has to be reinstated and there could be a fresh start in order to establish a free and happier world for everyone. The book is a work of fantasy fiction, from the eyes of the lives other than the humans, depicting decadence and the rise of a noble kingdom that served well to all.