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Shelter of The Golden Rosewood - Gulab Di Tahli (Indian Edition)

by Pritam Singh Mahna

ISBN: 9781618137388

Pages: 114, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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The book relates to the period as back as 1893 when my 50 years' grandfather married my 22 years old grandmother. My ancestors were extremely poor since there was not sufficient yield from the agricultural land, it having gone barren for want of adequate sources of irrigation, and also due to the low prices of the produce. My grandfather passed away in 1901 when my father was just 3 years old and there was nothing left behind to enable the family to make both ends meet. Consequently, my father, on turning 7 years, was deployed by my grandmother as a domestic servant in various houses to clean dirty utensils and clothes. Subsequently in the year 1921 my father, when he was 23 years old, was taken to the nearby town Rukkan (District Mandi Bahauddin) and allowed to join a partnership business by his cousin (father's sister's son). My father got married in 1930 and we three brothers were born. In the year 1939, my father was expelled by his cousin from the business since his own sons had grown up and thus he did not need my father's services. It was then that my father started his own business. It was a great success and my father was now among rich persons. To his bad luck, the partition of the country took place in 1947 and consequently, our family had to flee from Pakistan empty handed. We finally reached Delhi in 1955. We faced very bad days here in Delhi but ultimately, with the concerted hard work put in by my family, we achieved a very comfortable position. My next generations now comprise of doctors, lawyers and Managers. One of my sons has since settled in Australia and is well placed there. My granddaughter has taken up studies to be an eye specialist in a reputed University in Melbourne.