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Success A Matter of Fact - Practical Guide to Success

by Deokinandan Deora

ISBN: 9789388719582

Pages: 75, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Many people have written many books on success stories and have described many recipes for success. There is not a single parameter or sutra (formula), which can be said to be confirmed way to success. A number of permutations and combinations are required to achieve the desired goals. When we study the lives of successful people from various walks of life, we find that being good in functional knowledge alone is not sufficient, there are other supporting virtues which act as catalysts in the process of success. There are many aspects of life and for achieving success, one has to pay attention towards all the aspects. A balance of all the related aspects have to be maintained. Many people don't give due credit to the disciplined hard work and planned activities of the successful performer, they try to correlate the success with LUCK. Though luck may play its part in one's life, but it is not the only factor deciding the outcome. The author has tried to explain that Success is not only a matter of Chance, but it is more a matter of FACT. He has put some common virtues required for success in the form of a Simile "FACT", which represents: FOCUS, ATTITUDE, COMMITMENT and TEAM. The purpose of this book is to just highlight some factors which are crucial for achieving something in life.