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The Great Debate

by Mrinal Mathur

ISBN: 9781545724170

Pages: 63, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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There is a special area in heaven reserved for kings and emperors of the world, who have been accorded the epithet, 'the Great', by their people. One day, it is discovered that Akbar the Great has lost his title because the people of India no longer see him as a great emperor, but as a foreign, Muslim invader. Akbar protests, and a tribunal comprising the custodians of the gates of heaven gives him a unique opportunity to redeem his name. He is given the power to incarnate himself as Sagar Manjunath, news anchor of The Nation TV, for a day. He can use Sagar's reach to change public opinion. If successful, he can reclaim his place. The panel discussion of the channel, My Nation My Way, begins thereupon to debate Akbar's claim. Will Akbar, in his avatar as Sagar, be able to convince the viewers? Will he become great again? Will he win back his title and his place in heaven?