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The Nth Girl - Where N = 1 to Infinity

by Srikanth Polisetti

ISBN: 9781545708859

Pages: 108, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Suraj had only one goal in life: To be a topper. He could neither strum the guitar nor pick photography as a hobby. He had a body nowhere close to six-pack and he didn't own a start-up he could boast about. To sum it up; he had no special talents to woo women. But that didn't prevent Suraj from falling in love. Again. And again. Not once or twice but four times. At every stage in his life, he faces different forms of love; first love, forced love, favoured love, feigned love. Can Suraj cope up with his newfound fancy? Or will he let Love manhandle his studies and himself? Find out what happens in this geeky love story in the book, The Nth girl.