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The Travel that Touched

by Sidharth Singh

ISBN: 9781545713518

Pages: 121, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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The Travel that Touched is a story of a guy who is in love with a girl from a totally different place. He is in madly love with her and does everything to keep her happy. His way of loving is epic as he always goes to her back and forth irrespective of the fact that she is continuously saying NO to him. He says "may be today she doesn't love me but one day she will". He never forces her to accept his love instead he loves her without anything in return. As its said "sometimes love just becomes your worship" and so was for him. His journey continued and they couldn't make it to the destination. But the guy never stopped loving her and so the journey ended but his love never did. He went on and forged his life in a way to grow and be back one day when she could love him and be his.