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When Life Starts Playing

by Saurabh Suman

ISBN: 9781545718452

Pages: 344, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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When life starts Playing: ANSH lost trust in love due to horrible separation in the past and still effected with haunting dreams. Later he manages to get a premier management course in Bangalore and get an opportunity to work as an editor of College Newsletter. EASHITA, Kannadati girl who wants to live a life of her choice and fighting with her parents for not marrying the person whom she never met.SRIJAN is tagged as a Playboy of college. Later he took breakup with his NAVY GIRL as he found they were not having a proper understanding .AASHRAY as usual busy with AAHUTI over phone and tagged as out and standing. NEEL is still approaching a girl whom he adores from the beginning of college. A sudden incident brings misunderstanding between all four and they spllited. EASHITA, struggling from the anxiety , panic attack ,feelings of sadness, emptiness hopelessness, suicidal thoughts and loss of interest in activities once considered pleasurable later Doctor Diagnosed Cyclothymia. In the mean time she romantically involved with Ansh.Now, she found herself in comfort zone. Final semester and they all spllited to different parts of India and abroad for their jobs. HARPREET took stand and fighted with her parents from a year and agreed her Parents to get married with John. The novel ends with a horrible situation of splitting of relationships and could not make it reason. ANSH struggling and finding the ways to moved on to his life as he lost interest in almost everything for sometime .He finds it difficult to handle things and fear to starts from Zero level.